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June/July 2019

Hi Folks

Well, what a great end to the season we had!

Hattie Briggs and her Trio were just mesmerising.  We have to wonder, how long it will be before she is whisked away to greater things?  Chris & Kellie While were as perfect as ever, supported by the beautiful musicianship of Landermason. Then finally, Nancy Kerr as we have never seen her before, solo. Over the years that Nancy has been playing at Hitchin (all 25 of them!) the guitar has made sporadic appearances but, in this last concert, the guitar was the accompaniment of choice for half the concert, and how good it was too.  Should we have been surprised? I guess not, as Nancy is such a great musician, and it must be easier singing without a violin under ones chin!  Lastly we must mention Lizzy Hardingham.  What a powerhouse she is, a voice to rock the room and great songs.  There canít be many in the folk canon about floorboards!  She is one of the hardest working local singers so, if you havenít seen her yet, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with her.

This brings me nicely on to the 4th Kimpton Folk Festival, on Saturday July 6th, where Lizzy will be playing the Village Green Stage, along with Kim Lowings, The Wilderness Yet, preview sets from Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and Glymjack, dance displays, and a chance to stretch your legs at a final Ceilidh with Fiddlebridge. The Village Green is circled with the usual concessions we expect to find at Festivals, including food & drink, and there is no entrance charge, so thatís a whole dayís entertainment, 11.30 Ė 7.30, completely free!

The main concert venues this year have, at the Memorial Hall, Kim Lowings and The Greenwood, Alden, Patterson & Dashwood, Glymjack, Edgelarks, Smith & Brewer Band, ending with Sheelanagig.

In the Church we have Gilmore & Roberts, Odette Michell, Ninebarrow, Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and The Melrose Quartet

Itís not too late to buy your tickets for this lovely little festival, Tickets.

The clubís original resident singer, Keith Pearson, can be seen twice in the area in July.  On Tuesday 16th he is guest at St Neots Folk Club, with Tim Jellis and Phil Milner.  Then, on Saturday 27th he is at Cambridge Rock Festival with his bigger format band.

Keiron & Maureen Jones


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